Online Admission

Modern era is driven by globalization and fast paced world economy excelling every minute at an amazing speed. Recent technological and managerial advancements as well as information explosion have influenced our lives in more than one way. Every young mind today is faced with a challenge of maximum advantage of technology revolution. Hence MIET comes into existence to provide one stop platform for the students emerging professional in the field of engineering and technology to successfully acquire the 21st century in all the years to come. Education at MIET empowers students to challenge the years to come. The MIET learning hub has been evolved as aesthetically designed,world class air conditioned campus empowered with innovative teachning and training strategies where students :

1.Dare to explore the intellectual landscape of discipline with a spirit of independence and initiative.

2.Build their own intensive understanding of various discipline through a process of inventive self discovery.

3.Thrive on the advantage of ambiguity led by the inquiring mindset that encourage them to appreciate what they do not know.

4.The MIET circle of excellence invites promising professional to experience the best in the field of engineering and management.Once a student chooses to be part of MIET family.

5.I along with my team shall be more than willing to extend all the support required for every student to be successful in life.

(J.C Bansal)