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Our Mission

To reach the forefront of the education streams chosen by the institute through creating highly focused leadership, transformation of mind and spirit and commitment to excellence.
To develop a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty capable of imparting world class education to the students become successful global citizens.
Our mission is to see the benefits of quality technical education reach all the sector of the population and to develop superior ethics and culture in the engineering profession. To create sound basis for engineering principles, innovative research capabilities and exemplary professional ethics, which will be utilized for the overall development of the nation and mankind. To provide an open opportunity to the young generation for evolving their core competencies for building up their career as World-Class professionals with broad foundation, in-depth knowledge and versatility to meet the challenges of global economy.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop our institution into a world class education hub in order to prepare students for the industry and the value based education.
To be the best at serving society by creating engineering knowledge and educating engineers for dynamic and global careers.
The following strategic characteristics and aspirations enable the college to realize its vision:

  • Contemporary and rigorous educational experiences that develop the engineer and something more;
  • An atmosphere that facilities personal commitment to the educational success of the students in an environment that values diversity and community.
  • Education and research partnerships, and targeted agencies, universities and industries.
  • Undergraduate programs that integrate global awareness, communication skills and team building across the curriculum.
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